Directions from USA

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Directions from Baudette, MNDirections from International Falls, MN
Map-Baudette, MN to Morson, ONMap-International Falls, MN to Morson, ON
  • Cross the border into Canada.
  • Follow Hwy 11 East about 5 miles to Sleeman, ON. 
  • At Sleeman turn left onto Hwy 621. 
  • Drive 30 miles North to the Gill's Morson Marina.
  • Cross the border into Canada.
  • Follow Hwy 11 West about 60 miles to Sleeman, ON.
  • At Sleeman turn right onto Hwy 621.
  • Drive 30 miles north to the Gill's Morson Marina.

Approximate mileage to Morson

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
350 miles
 Approximate mileage to Morson
Chicago, IL
725 miles
Fargo, ND
295 miles
Milwaukee, WI
675 miles
Green Bay, WI
550 miles
Omaha, NB
765 miles
Grand Rapids, MI970 miles
International Falls, MN
85 miles
Baudette, MN
35 miles
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Gill's Morson Marina

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