About Us

Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental operates out of Gill’s Morson Marina on Hanson Bay, on pristine Lake of the Woods. The Gill Family has owned and operated both the Houseboat Rentals and the Marina since 1985. With over 35 years of experience, we have everything you need to ensure an amazing and safe trip. The Gill Family has always made customer service their highest priority – and this approach has resulted in much repeat business, a statistic that speaks for itself.

Located in Morson, ON, just 35 miles from the US border, this Lake of the Woods destination is an easy drive into the wilderness, but still completely secluded from all the noise and hustle of city life. Gill’s Morson Marina is your one stop shop for all of your last-minute houseboat supplies. You can purchase your fishing and hunting licences, fishing equipment, tackle, bait, maps, ice, convenience items and souvenirs.

Once you arrive at the Marina, you will be met by your host, Terry Gill, and our friendly, courteous staff. We’ll help you load up, get you acquainted with the equipment on board, and be sure you’re comfortable before sending you off on the vacation of a lifetime! Before you head out, we will spend time with you studying the detailed lake chart; suggesting legendary fishing spots, and instructing you on how to best secure your craft for the night. With all the nearby protected bays and islands, there are plenty of calm waters and excellent places to tie up for a day or two. A marine band radio keeps you in touch with our base station should you encounter any issues, and in touch with local weather.

Once you have completed the orientation, you’re the Captain!

Cruise Lake of the Woods to explore, to fish and to relax!

We can’t wait to help you plan your very own Houseboat adventure!

Stewart & Yvonne Gill

Terry Gill & Crissy

Tony Gill